Policies & Procedures

1.  Cleaning Deposit: All facilities require a cleaning deposit of $25.00 per unit.  The deposit will be charged at the time of renting the unit, and may be refunded when the storage unit has been inspected and found to be swept and empty of trash.

2.  Refunds:  Failure to notify the management office that the unit has been vacated will result in the forfeiture of any refunds.  If a unit is found empty and the office has NOT been notified, the cleaning deposit will not be refunded.

3.  Billing: All facilities bill in advance.  Invoices are sent prior to the day rent is due. Rent is due on the monthly anniversary of the date of rental.

4.  Locking and Lien:  When the office sends an invoice and the prior invoice has not been paid, we, the office, will over-lock the unit.  The tenant must pay the account in full before the office will unlock the unit.  A lien in favor of the facility attaches to the customer’s personal property on the date of default.

5.  Auction:  If an account becomes delinquent, the management office has the option to advertise the contents of the unit for sale.

6.  YOU are responsible for informing the management office of any contact information changes.

7.  No location allows garage type sales at the facility.

8.  The management office is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.